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Why Atlantis?

Since the release of my novel, Mayhem’s Fountain, I’ve been asked by many — why Atlantis? I know a simple response to the question would be why not Atlantis, but clearly the topic deserves much more justification than a simple reply as to why I wrote this book and why I’ve decided to tackle the lost mythical city.

I wrote this book because I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of Atlantis, a thriving nation living under the sea. If they were so thriving, what was the cause of their demise?

As a child, so many thoughts used to run through my mind: Did this city really exist? If so, what did it look like? How did they live? Were there really mermaids? And of course, countless others I won’t bother to mention. Though as much as I would have loved to learn more about this subject and the lives of the Atlanteans, there really isn’t much information available.

Sure, you can read books by the dozens exploring this very subject, but I’ve found these tales tend to be more journeys into finding the lost city to prove whether or not it existed, or adventures into finding the lost treasures of Atlantis. No one actually takes you there as they live and breathe.

In Mayhem’s Fountain, I take you into Atlantis. You meet the inhabitants, you visit their city, and you get an image as to how it would have felt to live there when it was a thriving nation.

My unique spin is that I place the setting in the 17th century. A century surrounded by new discoveries in the world, war between England and Spain, and the unknown. Allow me to take you on a journey into the lives of the Atlanteans and to help answer some of these great-unknown mysteries of the lost city.


Mayhem’s Fountain

The Eye of Atlantis stood alone in the middle of the box with just some trinkets surrounding it. Although he had owned the Eye for nearly five months, he didn’t actually know how it worked. He had meant to ask Princess Adonia before he left Atlantis, but in his haste, he never got around to doing so. Now, here it was in his hands, giving off a bright glow.

He peered inside the Eye and could swear he saw a mound of gold piled as high as the heavens. What he couldn’t understand was why the image was so blurry. Since he had never used the Eye before, he wasn’t sure if his vision was playing tricks on him, or if the images in the Eye just appeared cloudy…. Looking deeper into the center of the crystal, he suddenly saw some numbers.

“Twenty-nine by eighty-one, hmm? Twenty-nine by eighty- one what? What are you trying to tell me?” As abruptly as the numbers had appeared, they faded away. He started to inspect the object further, but when he turned it over, the light went out and the Eye looked as it always had.