Family Divided

The Brady Bunch

The Brady Bunch

One of the main themes that comes across in my novel, Mayhem’s Fountain, is the theme of family. Now, I know I may be dating myself, but many of you still may recall the picture perfect family life portrayed in the television show The Brady Bunch. Gosh, they were a happy … bunch. Sure they may have had some minor drama enter their lives: Marsha’s nose, Peter’s voice, and Jan’s … who are we kidding, Jan was a mess. All in all though, life was pretty good in the Brady home. Well, if your family is anything like mine, you’re probably thinking, if only family life were that easy. Where’s my Alice?

When I created the families involved in my novel I admit I was at an impasse as to which direction I wanted to take them. Although I knew I was dealing in a fantasy world, I wanted to keep a little reality in what lies behind the true everyday family. Let’s face it; sometimes the truth is far wilder than anything you can imagine. Granted, I may have created far more turmoil and tragedy than one would expect to find in your average family, but that’s what keeps their lives so interesting. There’s a little crazy in every family, but it’s the degree of crazy that makes the difference.

In my novel, I highlight the lives of three separate families. In one family, you have a son who can’t let his father die without trying to help ease his pain, but his help leads to unforeseen tragedy amongst his people. In another story, you have a captain consumed by the guilt of harming the ones he cared for in order to fulfill his own selfish aspirations. He now does everything in his power to right the wrongs he’s caused them. As for the Atlanteans, you have a brother who can’t forgive his sister of her sins and commits heinous acts of his own in the hopes of reuniting what he once believed was sacred.

We all know family life is not perfect. My characters and their families are no different. They just go through some extreme measures to resolve their differences. If you’ve had enough of yours, tune into the lives in Mayhem’s Fountain. You may come to find that you appreciate your family just a little bit more.


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