Going to California

Made up my mind to make a new start, Going To California with an aching in my heart.”

Ah, what a great song, by a great band. For those who don’t know what I’m referring to, ‘Going to California’ was one of the many classic songs recorded on the untitled, Led Zeppelin 4 album. Although not nearly as famous as the other many hits like Stairway to Heaven, Rock-n-roll, or Black Dog, Cali was one of my favorites. The song has such a pretty melody – beautiful guitars. Don’t pay too much attention to the words I posted in the intro, I just wanted to put the song in your head.

Yes, my friends, I’m going out to California this Saturday for my first official book signing. Excited – heck yeah! Nervous – heck yeah! Expectations … unclear. I’ve never been to a book signing before, let alone, sign books for others. I plan on attending the L.A. Times Festival of Books this Saturday from 11:30-12:30 and I hope to see you there. The weekend long festival takes place on the University of Southern California (USC) campus in always exciting Los Angeles. Attendance is free, and it promises to be a very busy weekend.

What do I hope to accomplish on this amazing journey? Not sure, but one thing I do know is that I want to meet the fans of the fantasy genre. Whether you like hobbits, or wookies, muggles, or vampires, I want to meet you. Who better to converse with on the topic of Atlantis, mermaids, and dare I say … Sasquatch. I wrote this book for you, fantasy fan. Granted, I know the event may not be as exciting as a Comic-con, but I’m hopeful to meet some colorful characters to re-hash an old subject in a new light. Maybe I should hire a mermaid to stand by my side … that’ll get your attention.

Regardless of the outcome of the event, I plan on having a good time. It should be quite the experience. Who knows if, or when I’ll ever do another book signing. The only thing I think could rain on my parade is, well actual rain during my signing, it is an outdoor event after all. I just don’t want to sit there and twiddle my thumbs together for an hour. Please don’t let me twiddle my thumbs together for an hour. Then again, water would fit into the theme of my book, so if the forecast does happen to call for rain, then maybe I will hire that mermaid.

For more details on where to find me, please visit my website. I’ll return next week with an update of the event, how the experience went, and if I ever hired that mermaid. I got to admit, the more I mention it, the more appealing it sounds.

Standing on a hill in my mountain of dreams, Telling myself it’s not as hard, hard, hard as it seems.”


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