Who Are Koncrete Kite? – J. A. Bove

Many of you have seen me write in the past about my participation in a group called Koncrete Kite and many have asked … whom, or what is Koncrete Kite? This is my brief overview of my band and our history.

Who are Koncrete Kite? First and foremost, we are brothers. This is both a blessing and a curse. The blessing of course is that we’ve grown together as brothers and musicians over a thirty-year period of writing, recording, and performing together. I don’t think a band consisting of friends, or acquaintances could have lasted as long as we have unless they were placed under contract by a label, or paid professionally to do what we have done. We’ve released three CD’s, and are about to release the fourth. We have written hundreds of songs and every year, the material gets more elaborate and creative. This is all attributed to growing and staying together. That in itself is a blessing.

The curse of course is that we are brothers. The amount of fighting that comes up when we write, record, and perform tends to rip the band apart. This has happened over every CD we’ve ever recorded (with the exception of the first) and will continue to happen because, let’s face it, music is a very personal expression and there are many different interpretations of how a song should sound and be created. The beauty is that because we are brothers, we eventually make-up and start to play nice once again. This leads to more writing and recording and to the eventual break-up after another album.

We are aspiring musicians. Collectively as a band we can play the guitar, bass, drums, piano, trumpet, saxophone, and of course use a wide variety of vocals. The members are, in no particular order: Rich – drums and vocals. Chris  – bass, guitars, and vocals, Greg – guitars, and of course myself, guitars, bass, and lead vocals. We are no stranger to the recording studio and have been recording music since our childhood. If memory serves, our first song was recorded in a small studio in Sayreville, NJ back in 1983. Our fourth CD is now being recorded at Red Room studios in Tampa.

We are performers. We have performed live music for over thirty years. Our first show was at a battle of the bands and our last performance was at a palooza party a few months back. We have performed across the country from small venues to well known establishments. We have performed in front of family, friends, and AR executives. We’ve done the club circuit. We’ve played through a monsoon. We’ve played everywhere from isolated islands to radio stations (both live and recorded). We will continue to perform and entertain family and friends until we can’t play any longer.

Finally, we are rock and roll. If you were looking for the ingredients that make-up the inspiration of our music, look at the classics. Take a cup of The Beatles, a dash of Nirvana, a pinch of Kiss, and a splash of Pearl Jam. Marinate that with a mixture of Queen and Van Halen, and blend it all together with some Led Zeppelin. Pour that in a pan and place it in the oven. This last step is important, make sure you let it bake for about thirty years. The result of this delicious combination is who we are and the meal is called Koncrete Kite.

So, there you have it. Koncrete Kite is a rock band consisting of brothers. I guess I could have said that from the beginning, but as you might have surmised by looking at my career track record, I tend to drag things out. If anyone reading this is interested in sampling some music, or obtaining a CD, please let me know. I’m always happy to oblige with a slice of banana bread.


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