Bond Resurrected – J. A. Bove

The other day I did my daily inspection through my local bookstore (soon to be out of business) and I was more than surprised to see one of my favorite characters brought back to life. That’s right, 007 himself, James Bond. Now I know the studios are having a hard time deciding what to do with this iconic character and I hope when they get their act together Daniel Craig maintains his role. That stated I’m pleased to see this character live on in the written word.

Now it’s been some time since I last read a James Bond novel and rightly so, Ian Fleming’s been dead for many years. You could imagine my delight though when I saw the big bold 007 plastered across the cover. The new book is entitled Carte Blanche written by Jeffrey Deaver and it’s the latest installment of Bond adventures. In fairness, the last book released on Bond wasn’t that long ago. If memory serves, it was Devil May Care, written by Sebastian Faulks and released on May 28th, 2008. Interestingly enough the release date was the 100th anniversary of Ian Fleming’s birth. Coincidence? You bet … but I digress, back to Carte Blanche.

Do you remember the good old days, when spy novels were really simple? It was us, or the British, against the Russians. We’d be stopping worldwide domination, or widespread communism, or most common of all, foiling a plot to set-off a nuclear missile. Well that was then, this is now. We’re green, we’re in Dubai, (or as they say Do Buy), and we’re foiling a plot to stop a bomb that would spike food prices for the starving in Africa. My has the world changed.

Have no fear, James Bond is here and he will come to save the day. M has your back James, but not much else. Your own government is putting the kibosh on your carte blanche status at home. You’re an international man, so get out of the country James, and do what you do best. Kill some people, sleep with beautiful women, and by God, have your Vodka martini – shaken not stirred.

What was that you said? You don’t care for your vodka martini this time? You want to create a new drink? A Carte Blanche you say, hmm, interesting twist. How do you make this Carte Blanche? I’m glad you asked, why you simply add a double measure of Crown Royal Canadian Whiskey, some ice, and a half measure of Triple Sec. Don’t forget the two dashes of Angostura Bitter and finish it off with a twist of orange peel. Delicious? I don’t know I didn’t try it (more of a beer connoisseur).

End result, Deaver did his best to stay true to the Bond formula. Yes there were blatant advertisements regarding what products Bond used, yes he slept with the bad girl (once again), and yes he drove only the nicest of automobiles. To Deaver’s credit there were many twists in the story line that kept you interested. The newest spin, that I don’t think I ever read before, was Bond’s back-story, specifically regarding the history of his parents. I won’t reveal the details; I don’t want to spoil the twist. You get a good feel of why James turned out to be 007 … clever Mr. Deaver, very clever. Bottom line, it was an enjoyable, easy read, and yet another mission complete for Mister Bond.


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