Procrastination – J. A. Bove

This note goes out to all my fellow writers out there. Is it just me, or do you have a hard time getting started? I’ve recently started writing the third book in my Atlantis trilogy entitled ‘Mayhem’s Triangle’ and although I’m making good progress, I do have to admit; sometimes it’s hard getting motivated. Some days I feel that I’ll look for almost any excuse not to get started. Don’t get me wrong; I haven’t come down with a case of writer’s block (not just yet). On the contrary, I’m completely enjoying writing the third and final book of this trilogy. I find that when I do finally put my mind to it, things tend to flow nicely. Whenever I complete writing another chapter, I’m always happy with the results.

It’s just getting the ball rolling that I find most difficult. I compare it to going to the gym. I never want to go to the gym; as a matter of fact I loathe working out. Just the thought of having to drive down to the gym makes me tired. I’m jealous of the people I watch exit the gym, because I know they’ve completed their workout (show offs, looking all sweaty and satisfied because they’re done). I dread going through the motions, but I know it must be done. Funny thing, but I always feel good about myself after I’ve completed a workout, especially when I glance at the gym in my rear view mirror as I pull away.

The biggest problem I face is making time. It’s not like I’m some signed author who gets paid to do this for a living. I have to find time to write, and I find with three younger children in the house, the best thing to do is to get away from home. There’s no greater distraction than three kids looking for you to entertain them. So where do I go? Well, I admit, I’m lucky enough to have an office that I can escape to for just such a situation.

So what’s the problem you say? Sitting inside on a beautiful day in Tampa Bay, when you know there’s so much more you could, or probably should be doing other than cramming yourself up in an office to write. At times, I admit I do ask myself, why am I putting myself through this journey once again? Deep down, I know the answer. I love it, I hate it, but I love it.  Or should I say … I love when it’s done. It’s truly a great feeling to see the finished product, and no matter the torture it took you to get there, the reward is well worth the sacrifice you made to achieve your goal. Below is just a sample of a typical day of writing when my heart’s not in the mood.

Enter the office, grab a cup of coffee, and turn on my computer. I know I should just go right to the Word program, but no, I have to check up on my fantasy baseball team, just a quick peek. Still in first, awesome! What?!? A-Rod’s off the DL and he’s still not playing? Son of a beep is killing me. Oh well, better check my e-mails. Why is so much SPAM coming through to my e-mail? I better clear that up. Okay, all better, let’s do some writing.

Program loading – good, let’s get this done. Who am I writing about today? Better check my notes. Phone call, what? Who’s calling me at the office on a Saturday? Hmm, don’t recognize the number. Should I get it? Nah, better let it go to voice mail. I’ve got some serious writing to do here. Program open, okay, let’s download the document. What’s that beep? They left me a message. I should probably see who’s calling. Damn, stupid computer solicitation. Why do they leave voice mails? Ah well, delete this message. Back to work.

Where are my notes? I don’t see them in my bag, maybe I left them in my top drawer. What a mess. Oh man, I didn’t send this note out to my client yesterday, better do that now. Outlook opening … whoa, fifteen new messages, better reply to these. Okay, all done, now, where did I put those notes?  Here they are just where I first looked, in my book bag. Alright, who’s the subject du jour … shuffle, shuffle, shuffle, Mayhem, Adonia, Eramus – ah here it is, Bully. Bully huh? Alright, Bully it is. Where’s my outline? Ah I know, I have that saved on Word. Better open it.

Did I just hear a knock? No, it’s Saturday, who’s going to bother me on Saturday – this plaza’s empty. There it is again. Better sneak a peek. Oh man, it’s Roper (my landlord). The guy’s a Chatty-Kathy, better see what he wants. Great, he wants to talk about the markets. I’d love to chat, but busy, busy, busy, got things to do. Whew, that was a close one. What time is it? 1:00 pm? Man, I’ve been here for two hours and I’ve got nothing accomplished.

Feeling hungry. Better make some lunch. Thinking something light, ah nothing like a bowl of cereal to hit the spot. Mmm, love those Frosted Rice Crispies, tasty, yet surprisingly low on calories. Oh shoot, the Yankee game is on better put it on the boob tube … did Jeter hit 3,000 yet? Are you kidding me? I just missed it? A home run you say? What luck … Roper! Oh man, it’s almost two, I better get going, the wife’s waiting on me. Dang, didn’t get any writing done today. No worries, I’ll come back next week. I’ll get some serious writing done then, you’ll see, eventually some one will see.


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