DC Reboot – J.A. Bove

Normally I’m not a fan of reboots, as you may have seen from a previous blog I wrote entitled, ‘Take Two’. Things don’t always work out for the best when you try and reproduce the original format. Take New Coke for example, ugh syrup in a can. How about the Netflix/Quickster experiment? Can you say down over $40 points in one day of trading? Hmm, alright, what about Charlie’s Angels? I think this may go down as one of the biggest bust reproductions in television history … excuse me, next to Night Rider that is.  I think it’s safe to say that if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, and if it’s dead, leave it buried.

The latest example in the field of entertainment came in the form of DC comics  when they decided to give a reboot to the entire super hero community. I’m not just talking Superman here, but the entire DC nation: Aquaman, Batman, The Green Lantern, even the entire Justice League received a touch of new paint. Was it worth the effort? Most definitely. I personally have always preferred the Marvel comic heroes to DC comics, but after this latest round of re-writes, I may be changing my tune. Time to pick it up Disney.

Is Superman still a boy scout? Yes, but that doesn’t mean you want to mess with him. Is Batman still a bad ass? You bet he is, and even more intimidating than before. Is Aguaman still a dork? Heck, they make fun of him in his own comics. Is it fun to see the group re-assemble to create the Justice League? Why yes, yes it is. Considering how old each series is and the fact that I never fully enjoyed the story from the beginning it was refreshing to get a new perspective on how these characters came to be. Granted, everyone saw the movies and knows the back-story, but the comics are so much better.

The best example I can give to try and compare the old from the new would be to use Batman as an example. This is probably DC’s most acclaimed character (sorry Superman). They’ve released shows, movies, books, video games, and of course comics to express his story. The new Batman character portrayed in the latest version of his comic book is much like that of the character in the new Arkham Asylum video game (awesome, in case you were wondering). If you’re not too familiar with the game and would prefer an actor comparison, it would be like comparing Christian Bale to Adam West. Kick-ass to campy.

Frankly, I gave up on the Batman series long ago. The story line lost its appeal and I thought they were really reaching for ideas. I never really bought into the Batman in outer space thing, even though I know it’s a huge part of the DC universe story line. The new series starts off back in gritty Gotham City where Batman is facing off against his number one nemesis, the Joker. If you thought the Joker was all fun and games, you couldn’t be more wrong. This villain is out right vicious. For once, Batman truly has a adversary worthy of battling. He ‘s giving it all he has and is still coming up on the short end.

DC, I applaud your effort. You took a major risk by trying to reboot your entire collection, but unlike Coke, and Netflix, you pulled it off. For those of you who enjoy the superhero genre, but feel you’re too old, or mature to read comics, give it a try. Go back to the good old days. You remember them … don’t you? The days in where you would roll out of bed at eleven on a Sunady morning, crack open the comic section, and have a nice bowl of Captain Crucnh cereal. Well, just flash forward thirty some odd years later and simply relax. You won’t be disappointed.


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