I Bought a Piano – J. A. Bove

Have you ever done anything so impulsive, impetuous, imprudent, you get the point, that once done you’ve said to yourself, ‘I can’t believe I just did that?’ If you have, then you’re not alone. Over the weekend I went out and bought a piano. You may say to yourself, well, that’s not so bad. You’re a musician, a songwriter, and a student of the arts; therefore you would assume that it wasn’t such an irrational purchase. What if I told you that I couldn’t even play the piano? No need to respond, I hear you laughing from here.

Now many of you might think that this was an irrational purchase, so please allow me a moment to defend my actions. First, it should be noted that unlike my opening line, this was not done in haste. I take my son for piano lessons every Friday, and the teacher just happens to conduct classes in the back room of a major piano distributor. I used to send my son into the store without me for fear that I might just get sucked in … I should’ve stuck with my first instinct.

The problem I faced was two-fold: one, I couldn’t hide outside forever. I knew the teacher would want to meet me and discuss how my son was progressing. Two, much like a moth to the flame, I was simply drawn to the beauty of the piano. I made my mind up and I went into the store with my son.

Now, I’m a salesman by trade and I know it’s easy to spot a person of interest. Well the salesman at this store must have spotted me a mile away. I was casually browsing around, trying to play the – oh look at that how nice card, but I think he saw right through my ruse. I hear the easiest sale in the world is that to another salesman. Well, this gentlemen befriended me and for the next ten weeks we made polite small talk and danced the dance. He always showed me the latest models and I did my best to explain to him that although I think it’s a wonderful instrument, I simply have no place for a piano in my home. On top of which, I knew my wife would kill me if I bought one (luckily she didn’t).

Then came the perfect storm. I was actually waiting outside the store, because I felt guilty saying no to this nice salesman, when my son came out and said that his teacher wanted to see me. I went inside and she explained to me that he was the best pupil she had. He’d learned so much in a short amount of time. She clearly did her best to soften me up. Then she brought out the big guns and said, “He really needs to practice with the pedals.” Ugh, body blow. Up until then I had him practicing on a keyboard just to see when this fad might end. To my surprise and delight, he was actually very good. I knew if he were to take it to the next level, I would have to bite the bullet … someday, not today. I thanked her for her kind words and said I would give it some thought.

The following week when we arrived I told my son to go in without me, because I had a feeling I would be approached with another pitch. Ugh, fastball right in the gut. The salesman saw me outside and before I could simply wave hello-goodbye, he waved his hand emphatically stating that he needed to speak with me. Apparently they were having a year-end clearance going on and the piano that I had been eyeing for the past ten weeks was now marked down, near forty-five percent from when I first came in. Now, I’m always a sucker for a good deal and at this point buzzers were going off in my head. One of my favorite expressions came to mind, ‘It’s easier to get forgiveness than it is to get permission.’

Long story short, and a lot of butt kissing to my wife, (she’s got a chip in her pocket the size of Texas, just waiting to be cashed in) I’m now the proud owner of a piano. I spent the past few days desperately trying to figure out where I would even put this thing. Well, lose a living room gain a studio I always say. The piano was delivered earlier this morning and I admit I even fiddled around on it for a little bit.

Bottom line, I don’t regret the purchase. I truly do love the piano. I just pray that my son doesn’t lose his interest. That stated, I suppose the next time I have a gut feeling to avoid something I think I better go with my gut. Now, bring on the music!


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