A Conversation Between Billionaires – J. A. Bove

* Due to the economic struggles being experinced aorund the world and in the markets, I thought I’d bring some light-hearted humor to help ease you into the day. Below is a fictional conversation between two billionaires. The first two people to correctly identify our speakers will receive a free signed copy of my book. Enjoy. 



Good to see you buddy, how long has it been?

Not sure, quite some time though. I saw you in the news the other day … nice suit.

Oh yeah, which one? The MK II, or the Mark III?

Couldn’t tell you, but it was bright, shiny, & red. Great way to get noticed … like you need the attention.

Look who’s talking, mister, I just pulled up in a Lamborghini. By the way, who was that super model by your side?


No way – you and the cat? You dog! How long?

I don’t know, been on and off for a number of years now. We’re just good friends.

Friends with benefits, am I right.

Grow-up. How about you? I thought I saw something about you and Danvers getting back together.

Yeah, she’s simply marvelous, full of energy, isn’t she? Nothing serious, but she does have her perks – gives new meaning to the mile high club, if you know what I mean.

I’m sure I don’t and there’s no need to explain yourself.

You’re loss. So where’s your little protégé, Robin was it?

He ventured off on his own, I’m going solo now.

No offense pal, but I think you’re better off. I never understood his need for stating the obvious under times of duress. Holy this and holy that. Must have driven you crazy.

A little annoying, yes.

By the way, who dressed that guy?

Personal choice, I suppose. A little too flashy for me.

Yeah, yeah, I know, all black, all the time. You might think of adding some color to your wardrobe. Nice tux by the way. You want a drink?

I don’t touch the stuff, and frankly, neither should you.

Hey, I don’t tell you what to do in that man cave of yours. Lord knows what you’re looking at on that computer, don’t judge. So how’s the portfolio?

Been better.

Tell me about it, Europe is killing me. First the Greeks, then the Italians, these guys need to get their act together. The market’s up one day and then smacked down like a joker the next.

Very clever.

I thought you’d appreciate that. You still hanging with that Cub Scout, Clark?

Hey, he’s a pretty super guy, don’t bash him. Speaking of Cub Scouts, how’s that goody two-shoes all American doing?

Steve? He’s chilin. He’s trying to form some new club. He feels there’s a pressing need to avenge a lot of wrongs going on in this world. You hear about this occupy Wall Street?

How could I not? Protestors are squatting right next to my building. I wish I knew what they really wanted so we could end this thing and send everyone home. It’s looking more and more like a social gathering than a cause. It makes keeping the streets clean, well difficult … would it kill them to take a bath?

I hear ya pal. By the way, who’s getting your nod for the republican’s nomination? Let me guess … pizza man?

Ha, good one. No, the man can’t be trusted, too much baggage and a poor memory. Frankly, I don’t care much for the whole lot of them. Won’t matter though, I can’t see them winning anyhow.

I agree, party’s a mess.

By the way, you have anything to do with the withdrawal of our troops? If so, nice.

Well, I don’t like to take all the credit, but let’s face it, I did give them enemy number one on a silver platter. Pakistan, go figure.

Took them long enough.

Agreed. I always thought they should’ve just given me the assignment long ago. I mean who knows the area better than I do? Am I right? Any who, I got a thing. Good to catch up with you. Try and stay out of trouble.

Very funny, you do the same. Give my regards to Jarvis, good man.

Will do. Tell Alfred the same. And hey, if you see Diana, give her my number. She can lasso me in anytime. She’s wonderful.

Fat chance on that one. She likes the honest ones.

Well, you can’t blame a guy for trying. Hey look out there, I think you’re being paged.

No rest for the weary.

Amen brother, until next time.



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