Oh Nucky – J. A. Bove

ImageOk, hiatus is over. I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful holiday season. Hello 2012, let’s hope the Mayans are wrong. Whew, there’s a lot of catching up I have to do for missing the past few weeks of the year. Many programs have ended, many movies have been released, and some books were even finished. What didn’t happen? Well for starters, I did not complete the third and final book of my Mayhem trilogy  – just yet. I do plan on accomplishing this goal by June of this year.

Where to start? Well, I would be amiss if I didn’t touch on the fantastic conclusion of Boardwalk Empire. I know this may now be very old news to some, but I feel I must discuss it nonetheless. Bravo, HBO for adding yet another solid collection in your strong stable of horses. Is it me, or has HBO become the premier television programmer of all channels? I cannot think of one public broadcasting company that can compete with the scope of programs, themes, ideas, etc. on the scale that HBO has produced over the past five years.

Back to Boardwalk. Bravo, Steve Buscemi. It’s about time this actor got his due. He’s always been known as a quirky kind of a guy playing some very strange oddball rolls (my personal favorite was Carl Showalter in Fargo), but I feel as though he was made for playing Nucky Thompson. I don’t know what happened in the screening process, or if he was even first choice for the role, but he’s made it his and I can’t see another actor playing this part. For many of you not too familiar with the program, the show takes place during the prohibition era of American history and this story specifically takes place in Atlantic City. Nucky is the unofficial mob boss of Atlantic City.

Season one did a fantastic job of introducing the many diverse characters and story lines of the program. We were introduced to a lot of new faces like, Michael Pitt (James Darmody), Nucky’s protégé gone astray. Kelly MacDonald (Margaret Schroeder), Nucky’s lover/wife. Michael Shannon (Nelson Van Alden), a prohibition agent, who is perhaps the craziest and most complex person of the entire show.  The season did enough to wet our whistle and keep us interested in watching another. Season two did not disappoint.

Without going into any spoilers, if you were a fan of the Godfather films, you will love this program. I had to admit that the final episode did ring true to The Godfather; especially the scene in where Nucky got his grove back. Very familiar to the scene in where Michael Corleone became the Godfather, but it was fun to see the comparison. There is plenty of violence, sex, drugs/alcohol, racial conflict, etc. that you would expect to see during the time period; almost no subject was off limits. Not only do they broach these subjects, but they give it to you in gratuitous amounts – maybe more than you’re hoping to witness. You will see some of the goriest, violent kills ever witnessed on television. Some would say disturbing.

What really won me over was the fact that just when you thought the program may be going soft leading into season three, they took a book out of Game of Thrones and offed one of the most popular characters in the program. I will not reveal. Again, if you haven’t seen this program, do yourself a favor and give it a try. I’d be surprised if you didn’t like it. Then again, to each their own. This particular style of program is not for the squeamish and if that applies to you, than this may not be your cup of tea.

Finally, to Mr. Buscemi, keep doing what you’re doing. I love the direction his character has taken. Just when you think he’s done, he comes out swinging. Nobody backs Nucky in a corner. His character is now in a stronger position than ever before, unless … Mrs. Schroeder, what have you done? We’ll have to wait and see in season three. I’m not sure when the program will air once again in 2012, but I do look forward to the upcoming adventures of Nucky and his cohorts.


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