Good Show Holmes – J. A. Bove


Is it me, or is Robert Downey Jr. the comeback actor of our generation? I recently went to see Sherlock Holmes II (A Game of Shadows) and I thought this was yet another strong performance in his latest arsenal of movies dating back from Iron Man, through Tropic Thunder, to his latest adaptation of the super sleuth. This is an actor that everyone had given up for dead a few years back and now surprisingly he’s become one of the main actors that I would be willing to take a chance on viewing in almost any endeavor he attempts.

In the latest Sherlock film, Holmes was at his prime best. Once again, he had to resort to using all his cunning in order to thwart the evil plans of his main nemeses, James Moriarty, played by actor Jared Harris. I found the plot line in this film to be even more entertaining than the previous version. What better story line can you ask for than a super detective trying to stop the start of world war one? James Bond would have had a hard time trying to outsmart the incredibly gifted Mr. Holmes on this one.

I really enjoyed the fast action pace of this film. The acting, as hinted at above, was superb all around from Downey, to Jude law, and the aforementioned Harris. I thought director, Guy Ritchie, did a fanatic job of letting his audience take a peek into the super sleuth’s mind. I really enjoyed how they got you into the thought process of Holmes before each attack he planned. I also really enjoyed the super slow motion action they used throughout the film. I especially enjoyed watching the bullets fly by in slow motion as our retreating heroes were racing to get away. This certainly wasn’t something that you would expect to see in a fast paced action sequence.

Due to the success of the film after just two weeks of showing, I would fully expect this to become an on going series, much like the always-popular Bond films (albeit in a period piece). There seems to be a certain appeal that Mr. Downey has now cast over his audience. I know it may be the geek in me, but I for one hope to see a lot more of both Mr. Holmes and Mr. Stark in the near future. I know Downey is expected to make another appearance as Iron Man in the up coming Avengers film due out in May of this year to help kick-off the summer movie blockbusters. There’s a strong line-up of films expected to be released later this year.

Right now Tom Cruise is getting all the attention for his latest Mission Impossible film – Ghost Protocol in theaters now, and righty so, but for all those looking for an alternative, you could do a lot worse than seeing this film. Don’t call it a comeback, Mr. Downey, just keep doing what you’re doing. The people will follow. By Jove, Mr. Watson, I think he’s got a point.

For all of you interested in learning more about the Sherlock Holmes character, I would highly recommend getting the complete collection of his stories available on kindle. You may actually find that a number of these books could be downloaded for free. I know a number of the short stories that I’ve read recently by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, were in fact being given away for no cost. I’m not sure if it was simply a promotional item, or the fact that many old classics can be downloaded for free, but I thought it was a cool find. I personally have read the compete series before the movies came to air, but I’m a fan, and given the opportunity, I think you may be as well.


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