About “Mayhem’s Fountain”

For the last five months, pirate Captain Cornelius Mayhem has been waiting for a sign from the Eye of Atlantis, an artifact stolen from the Atlanteans. When the sign finally arrives, it shows a treasure trove of more gold than his ship, the Crystal Eye, can carry. He gathers members of his loyal crew and embarks on an excursion to locate this treasure.

Meanwhile, Atlantis’s Prince Eramus is bent on revenge; he bribes uplander Bully the Red, a nemeses of Mayhem, to help exact vengeance. Eramus is angry that his father, King Zale, allowed the pirate to leave the land without punishment-especially after killing many Atlanteans and stealing him the Eye of Atlantis, the country’s most treasured possession. Even more infuriating to Eramus is the fact that that his sister, Adonia, who aided Mayhem in quest, is able to remain in Atlantis without repercussion.

What Mayhem thinks is an unbelievable opportunity to acquire riches is actually a dangerous game of intrigue and payback that will bring him to a final reckoning with his past and with the legendary fountain of youth. Melding fantasy, action, and adventure, Mayhem’s Fountain presents a sixteenth-century tale of romance, mythology, piracy, and fortune hunting.

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