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Clooney’s Descendants – J. A. Bove

I don’t what it is about George Clooney, but I can’t seem to pin this actor down. For starters, I am not a very big fan of his films. That stated, I really like the actor. Maybe it’s all the charitable work he does, who knows? He does have a certain appeal that comes across on the camera that makes you think, this guy’s all right, let’s give his movie a chance. Clooney’s staring in it after all, so how bad could it be?

Year, after year, after year, I am constantly disappointed with the results. Whether you refer to the Ocean’s series, Men Who Stare at Goats, Leatherheads, or the worst of the batch, The American (man what a disappointment) he’s constantly letting me down. So why then do I always come back for more? To this day I can’t figure it out. Well, after all those years of giving him a chance he finally pulled through for me, not only with The Ides of March, but also with his Oscar nominated The Descendants.

For the purpose of this blog, let’s stick with The Descendants. I was told that this was a must watch film, so of course I had to view it. The film is listed as a comedy/drama, but in reality I didn’t find it all that funny. To be frank … I’m still not sure what I think. Personally, it may not be my typical style of movie. I’m a man who likes action, adventure, and some good laughs. This movie was more slow paced, melancholy, life lessons, et cetera. For some reason though, it kept me watching. I was quite surprised when I learned that Jim Rash, you know, good old Dean Pelts from the NBC program ‘Community‘ actually was one of the screen writers on this movie. Dean Pelts … are you kidding me? Nice job, multi-talented.

Anyhow, the story is about (stop reading if you don’t want any spoilers) a workaholic father (Matt King, played by Clooney) whose wife has just gone into a coma. His kids are spiraling out of control and he is apparently wealthy beyond reason. He’s finally coming to grips with having to raise his children and dealing with his wife’s misfortune when he discovers that she’s had an affair. Now he becomes a man on a mission. He’s obsessed to know more. Who was it? Did she love him? Was she going to leave him? He goes on a quest with his children and his daughter’s drug-influenced boyfriend to discover the answers to these questions.

Ok, if you read on by accident, I won’t spoil what happens, but let’s just say that at some point in the movie Mr. King has and epiphany and he comes to peace with all that’s occurred. His family is now closer than they were when mom was still around and all seems right in his world. It’s one of those movies that’s meant to make you think, but I have to admit, all I kept thinking about was when are we going to see some action. It took me to the credits to realize that we weren’t … Ah classic Clooney (The American comes to mind once again).

Would I recommend the movie? Sure, the acting was solid all around from Clooney (Oscar nomination) to his elder daughter Alex King (Shailene Woodley). You certainly couldn’t go wrong with the scenery, the story took place in Hawaii, and the dialogue was witty. If you’re in the mood to have a good laugh you may be disappointed. Again, I know the movie is listed as a comedy/drama, but apart from a few scenes there weren’t many chuckles. If you’re in the mood to reflect and simply enjoy the drama, then this is the movie for you. For me, I suppose I’ll continue to give Mr. Clooney another chance, if anything, the man can act.