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Deja Blue – J. A. Bove

All right, I know I said I would never discuss sports in this blog, but I have to make an exception due to an unexpected championship. Yes, I am a Giants fan, and yes, I am ecstatic because they won Super Bowl XLVI (46). So please indulge me, just this once.

Woo-hoo! Are you kidding me? The Giants won Super Bowl XLVI? What in good God just happened? Wasn’t this the same team that lost four in a row? Wasn’t this the same team that was embarrassed on national television by the New Orleans Saints? Yes it was. By the way, I personally couldn’t have been happier that the Saints were defeated by the 49ers, or I probably wouldn’t even be writing this blog. I digress. The 2011 Giants are indeed Super Bowl champions. This is not something that I, nor any other Giant fan would have predicted just a few months earlier. Let’s face it, coming into the playoffs they were just 9-7. Wow only 9 victories and they managed to defeat teams with wins of 15, 13, and 12 … not too shabby.

Now, considering what a surprise it was that the Giants even made the Super bowl, I did not properly plan a trip to Indianapolis; otherwise I would’ve gone. I know the average ticket price was hovering around $4000.00, but hey, this was history. I’ve never been to a Super bowl and it definitely would have been worth the money to experience this game first hand. Alas, I couldn’t find a flight and all the hotels were booked, so it was not meant to be. The good news was that I actually went to Boston earlier in the year and witnessed the Giants defeat the Patriots in Foxboro; so technically, I already did watch the Super bowl – same players, same uniforms, same result.

The other benefit of not going to the actual game was that I got to host one heck of a Super bowl party. What better opportunity to enjoy the game with family and friends: especially when they’re all rooting for your team to win. Watching my children jump from excitement as Brady’s Hail Mary pass dropped to the floor was definitely worth it. Plus, there was no waiting in line to go the bathroom, the beers didn’t cost me $10 a pop (I’m being generous here), and there were no heckling idiots sitting behind me. Gee, I sound kind of like a grump, but hey, it’s the truth. Instead, I smoked ribs and wings, cooked dogs and burgers, and enjoyed cocktails a plenty at no additional cost. Yes, I did make it to work the next day.

The only thing that could’ve spoiled this wonderful time would have been a Giant loss, but frankly, I didn’t think that was possible. Sorry, Patriot fans, I don’t mean to gloat, but come on, even you had to admit you were afraid. The Giants did just beat the top scoring team in the Packers and the number one defensive team in the league in the 49ers. Was there really ever any doubt that they couldn’t beat the feared combination of Brady-Belichick? Frankly why the Patriots were even favored in Vegas by three points still comes as some surprise to me. For goodness sake, the Giants had already beaten the Pats earlier in the year in their stadium (great venue by the way).

So finally, congrats Eli, Super Bowl MVP. Are you a better quarterback than your brother? Well, you do have one more ring than him, so give it some time, and you’ll probably surpass his stats. Are you a better quarterback than Tom Brady? Many would disagree, but coming from this bias Giants fan, why not? The guy can’t beat you and you only have one less ring in many less attempts. Could you do it again next year? The odds are certainly against you, but I don’t see any reason why you can’t.

So thanks again Giants, this season has been one interesting story to view. It’s certainly been a wild ride, but I can’t be disappointed with the conclusion. As for you readers, thanks for indulging me this one time. This blog is, after all, about entertainment, and you won’t find much more entertainment than watching the super bowl. Whether you tune in for the commercials, the halftime entertainment, or the game itself, it really is a spectacle to behold. Congratulations Giants on your well earned victory.